Thursday, February 2, 2017

Is that really a LPAR at Hui'an site in Fujian?

Is that really a LPAR at Hui'an site in Fujian?

It really looks like a (PLAAF) LPAR from the begining.

Is that a vehicle/shelter in front of the LPAR?  Better not to do this

Put another antenna Radome in the front? It doesn't seem to be a good idea. There are lots of free spaces available at the site.

A good place for the new antenna radome. They can also use free apaces of PLAAF site, and PLAN site above, on top of the mountain, if they can get alone with them.

If Hui'an LPAR is real, it will have a 60-degree/2500 km assumed coverage as shown below in red, it is basically the same beaming direction as the Zhejiang LPAR site, which the face of LPAR antenna array is fixed to 160 degrees south.

According available Google Earth map data, the Hui'an LPAR antenna is facing 150 degrees south, and there's no any sign that it is a rotable one.

Maybe it is not a Radar at all.

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