Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chinese Passive Radar

Chinese Passive Radar

2 Passive Radar networks located at the southern edge of Nanjing Military Region. Similar system can also be found in Shangdong, Zhejiang and Hainan provinces.

Each system normally includes 1 control center which is also equipped with a mobile passive radar, and 3 radar posts for target locating purpose. Networking is provided through point-to-point microwave links between the control center and radar posts. 

Control center:
23°46'54.57" N 117°19'11.83" E

Radar posts:
23°39'31.25" N 117°08'36.22" E
23°35'10.79" N 117°20'23.19" E
23°43'35.85" N 117°35'04.21" E

A typical satellite image of a Chinese mobile passive radar.

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